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No one is quite sure when the site of Rampside Church developed religious

connections. It was used as a burial site from at least the 9th century, men

going to their graves with swords and axes.

Rampside Chapel is marked in the Parliamentary Survey map of 1649 as being

in "Chapel Field", on the same site as the Rampside Church occupies today.

Some speculate that the chapel existed for a long time previous to this but

there is little if any real evidence. The chapel was upgraded to a Parish

Church in 1652.

In 1840 the present church was built on the site in the perpendicular Gothic

style. At this time the incumbent, the Rev. William Dawson asked the Bishop

of Chester whether the area concerned had been consecrated. He received the

ambiguous reply that it had been consecrated "since time immemorial".

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St Michael’s Church, Rampside