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Pictured above are some of the Urswick Bell ringing team with Mr Tom Metcalfe  MBE     Tower Captain (centre)

Campanology has taken place at St Mary & St Michael’s for hundreds of years. The oldest ringing bell  the ‘Harrington’ Bell was cast approx circa 1420; so in effect when the bells are rung at St Mary and St Michael’s you are ringing a part of history.

The ‘Haryngton’ (Harrington) Bell is the second largest of the six  bells and is described as being the more graceful and symmetrical than the other existing bells.

It is inscribed;

The ‘Haryngton’ shield of arms is cast on the lower part of the bell  

It is not improbable that the ‘Haryngton’ bell may have originally been given to Conishead Priory by Sir William Haryngton; he was a standard bearer at the Battle of Agincourt and died in1458. The bell was most likely purchased by the Churchwardens of Urswick following the dissolution of Conishead Priory in 1536.

Further information about the bells can be found on the following links:

If you are interested in either ringing the bells or learning to ring the bells then you are very welcome to come along to our practice sessions at Urswick Church every Tuesday  evening 7.30pm -8.30pm.                                                                   

   If you would like to talk to someone about  the bells or bellringing please contact:                                      

Tom  Metcalfe  MBE (Tower Captain) 01229 889496 or mob 07443650754 or       

Sonjie Marshall  (Church Warden & Bellringer)  01229 587369 or email sonjiemmarshall@hotmail.com

who will be happy to help.

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Lancashire Association of Bell Ringers

It has now been 2 years since  our two new bells -

The Four Sisters

 The Centenary Bell  (Commemorating the Great War)

Were  hung  and dedicated