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Mark and Sarah live in Cumbria with their two daughters Grace (10) and Martha (6). They attend the local Community Church - Croftlands Community Church.

They did however come from very different backgrounds Mark being brought up in the local Church of England church while Sarah has a background within the Brethren.

Mark and Sarah have big hearts for doing God's work amongst children and young people. With the support of their local church, Mark and Sarah run a group for 10 to 14 year olds called Ignite they want to see children be ignited with the Holy Spirit so they are not just God Smart but God Connected, as well Sarah also helps run Sunday school at their church. Sarah  also runs a parent and child group called 'Little Nippers' along with some members of the church. They also run a weeks long holiday club each summer, with nearly everyone in the church getting involved. Over recent years Mark and Sarah have been invited to church fun days to present God's word to children and their parents. They work with another local church and help them to run a holiday club in the summer and various other events during the year. Mark is also a Bible Explorer Presenter for both the Old and New Testament which he delivers to years 5 and 6 at various times in the year. Just recently they have both become volunteers with Samaritans Purse and work with other local Christians on the Operation Christmas Child Project.        

Following Mark's redundancy in 2009 from his full time job. He was then taken back on a part time basis. This opened the way for Mark and Sarah to go into schools with the gospel message. They started in September 2009 and  regularly went into 3 local schools during that year, however this  has increased to around 9 schools with the possibility of more. The privilege of going into schools has fulfilled an ambition in both Mark and Sarah's ministry. God has truly blessed them in this work and they both feel they could do more with the schools. The ending of Mark's part-time contract at the end of August 2010 has led them to explore God's calling on their lives and it may be the opportunity God has been waiting to lead them into more full time ministry. Mark and Sarah have lots and lots of great ideas and they are praying into them and seeking God at every turn. They  see their work moving into new areas as God directs them along the path he has laid out before them.       

They are always open to new challenges and would love to expand their ministry further. Don't hesitate to book them for an event.                            

Please pray for Mark and Sarah so that God will continue to confirm in a very real way His vision for this Ministry.