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Our aim is the development of each individual child and to enable them to fulfil their potential in all areas.

At Low Furness we believe in the potential of all children and we aim to actively develop their academic and personal and social development throughout their time at school.

A broad, rich and balanced curriculum is designed for the development of the whole person. Social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic and cultural development will take place throughout their time in school.

Curiosity and enthusiasm for learning are fostered in our children.

We encourage positive behaviour from our children with the intention that pupils gain independence of thought and action along with a realisation of the consequences of such action for their own well-being and happiness – and that of others.

The children are made aware of the responsibilities of being part of a community. They are encouraged to be actively involved in the local community and to appreciate the inter-dependence of our community and the world beyond.

The positive achievements of pupils as individuals and as groups, both in school and outside, are recognised and appreciated.

Parents are welcome in school and encouraged to become actively involved in their children’s learning and school activities. Opportunities are provided for parents to discuss their children’s progress twice a year and written reports are given annually. However, our open door policy means that you are welcome in school at any time.

Further information can be found at  www.low-furness-primary-school.co.uk/

School Aims, Ethos & Values

At Low Furness CE Primary School we believe in providing the very best learning environment in order to develop a life long love of learning within our children and our whole school community.

We provide a rich, stimulating carefully planned curriculum that develops the whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically, culturally and physically.

We believe in celebrating success at all levels and recognise the achievements of all individual members of our school family.

The school aims to:

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