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Baptism is the rite whereby people become Christians.  It washes away sin, gives the gift of eternal life and makes us part of Christ's Body, the Church.  It is administered unfailingly with water in the name of the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It is a moment of simple joy when through the unspectacular action of a little water pouring over a person's head, they are transformed into a child of God, a member of his royal priestly family and given gifts and graces that no amount of evil and darkness can destroy.

If you live within the parish boundaries or you are a member of our congregation, you are very welcome to have your child baptised at St Mary & St Michael’s  Parish Church or to be baptised yourself.  We always encourage people from other parishes, however, to make their spiritual home in their own local parish church.  There are some people, nonetheless, who have a particular link with Urswick Church (e.g. parents who were married here etc.); under these circumstances we would be very happy to talk with you about baptising you or your child.

For further information please contact Rev Lucie Lunn  01229587200

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