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Like most churches, St Mary & St Michael’s  depends for its income almost entirely on the giving from its members and supporters.  It is not financed by the state or by wealth inherited from past generations.  St Mary & St Michael’s needs this income in order to sustain and develop its mission in our community. The day to day running of the church is approximately £1,000 a week.

The approximate amount required for 2014 is £53,000 for the year, this is what our Parish Offering contributes 100% towards i.e. it goes to pay for providing ministry locally, across the Diocese. That provides a clear target for Teams, Groups and benefice to aim for to maintain ministry cover locally - so in BenADRU that is our target - we achieve about £48,000 so we are being subsidised effectively by other Parishes in the Diocese.

Our emphasis is  upon the Church membership  and contributing towards the needs of the wider community - because Jesus said love God and love our neighbours - so that is what we are doing. Other examples are things like the Lunch club, hosting the Post Office, the Toddler Group and Youth Group, and more, which are in addition to the "Churchy" things offered by the Churches volunteers - and as a result of asking our community what they would like the Church to help to provide for our community (in its fullest meaning of community). We hope and pray that we are moving in the right direction to achieve that.

Why give?

  • As members of God's family we belong to Him. All that we are and all that we have are His. Our giving is therefore a love response. Part of our family responsibility is to invest the resources He gives us for His purposes and for His glory.  
  • In the Bible God calls us to respond to Him in thankfulness by giving to and through our local church, where we are fed and nurtured. We should give joyfully, generously and freely, in proportion to our ability.

It is therefore in this spirit that we ask everyone to reflect on their own giving, and to give as much as they can, preferably via planned giving if possible.  One-off donations to support the work of our church are also very gratefully received, as are legacies

For a really informative website about giving to our church through legacies, please click here.  

How much should I give?

In the Old Testament, God called His people to give 10% as their tithe. Additional freewill offerings were over and above this. In the New Testament, we are under grace not law, and therefore we should be motivated to give even more freely. How much you give is a matter for prayerful consideration between you and the Lord. There will be times and seasons when you can give freely of your time but not so freely of your income and other times where the reverse will be true; the important thing is that we should be giving something.  Those living off diminishing funds will of course find it particularly hard to give financially but giving time, service and prayer is equally as valuable.

How can I give?

If your income is irregular, or if you do not consider yourself a member but would still like to support the work of St Mary & St Michael’s, then you may wish to give a one-off donation. However, everyone who considers themselves a member of St Mary & St Michael’s is invited to join the Planned Giving Scheme. We ask people to prayerfully decide what percentage of your income to give and then make a pledge to give that amount perhaps by use of the weekly envelopes scheme.

Remember that income tax payers can increase the value of their gift, whether one-off or regular, by completing a Gift Aid declaration. 

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